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Our roots are in the software development. Hence digitisation is the basis of our thinking and acting. Our consulting experience is primarily in banking, payment and fintech. And have grounds in production and logistics as well. Plus adjacent experience in ecommerce and retail.

Our geographical project background is more than global. Experience in the USA, APAC and Europe provide for best practices across the world. Projects deployments in emerging markets allow for innovation beyond the evolution of the existing.

Our areas of expertise are the following:

Ennasus Beratung Digitale Transformation Consulting

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the talk of the town.Taking it beyond the buzzword means to identify which priorities in this journey shall be defined precisely in your context.

We check the match of your existing ecosystem with your corporate strategy and your USPs. On this basis we identify the major steps towards achieving congruence. In such manner that implementation results are visible and tangible. 

What do we go abour this? Find more information on our approach!

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Digital Processes

Be it the target operating model or the end2end customer journey - every process requires its digital embedding. The better a process is integrated, the faster and safer.  

We are specialised in defining such models together with the team deeply integrated into the IT architecture. Such that as a result there is operational excellence which is driven by the whole company.

Read how this mammoth task can be broken down into executable steps. 

Ennasus Digitale Produktstrategie Beratung

Digital Product Strategy

What is your product offering today and what do you need to do to take them to the next level of digitization? How is this reflected in your corporate strategy, objectives and the differentiation towards competitors? 

On the basis of the existing product portfolio together we identify required transformation to digital products, services and functionalities to achieve strategic objectives. 

Sounds like an endless journey? Read how we extract the essential topics and to-dos.

Consulting - Supporting Services

Ennasus Innovationsmanagement Digitale Transformation Digitale Produktstrategie Digitale Prozesse Beratung

Innovation Management

How do you involve your teams and partner in the innovation process towards digital changes? How do you channel the expertise and ideas?

We support you in setting up digital innovation management in your company. It combines digital corporate objectives with the approach that by means of a moderated forum encourages teams to contribute their own ideas, give feedback to other ideas and improve own and other ideas. This way the quality of and support for achieved results changes dramatically.

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Organisational Structures

Digitisation requires newly thougth organisational structures. Structures that continuously adapt to rapid developments, support them and define accountabilities. 

Based on your digital corporate strategy we elaborrate with you which structural changes best support the execution of this strategy. Together we implement these individual tailor made solutions - because a structure is as unique as your company and supports its strengths. 

Ennasus Projektmanagement Digitalisierung Digitale Transformation Digitale Produktstrategie Digitale Prozesse Beratung

Project Management

In any digital environment effective IT project management is the key to success. In this specific area IT project managers make the big difference. When is it necessary to request more details? When do the need to apply different measures? When do they need to adjust the scope? How can the small decisive blocking issue be solved and what is the real reason behind such blocker?

We are happy to support you in the project management of digitisation projects - based on the vast experience that seemingly unimportant actions with the right timing secure the project success.

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