Ennasus Digitale Prozesse Beratung

Digital Processes

Our project approach by means of 
10 major changes

  • Analysis of existing operating model
  • Determination of 10 major pain points with regards to corporate processes
  • Match with corporate strategy and major USPs
  • Definition of mot important improvment options through digitisation
  • Integration of AI into changes
  • Priorisitisation of the major 10 changes within the organisation, IT, service, production and operations
  • Manage implementation of the new processes 
  • Manage project of integration with internal teams and partners

Our project experience

 Starting point for the development of digital operating processes

  • No integrated service model, departments working in silos
  • Bottlenecks in all departments caused by manual and redundant processes and master data saved in Excel sheets
  • Scaling effects required as company was growing but difficulties due to customer specific service approach 
  • Sytems used in each departments were not connected
  • No integrated CRM in use and not connected to remainder of ecosystem
  • Nearly any self services offered

Alignment of strategic implementation directions: One Platform, Global Expansion, Converge Products, Expand Value Chain by Data Services, Increase Operational Excellence

Interviews with all teams involved in the processes

Identification of major breaking points

Definition of Digital Target Operating Model in complete involvement of IT architecture and required role setup

Identification of major required sytem integrations and concept to automate signup processes and set up self service areas

Definition of processes for new customers and integration of processes and data for existing customers

Integration of Legal, Risk and Compliance into the end2end process

Training concept for sales

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