Ennasus Digitale Produktstrategie Beratung

Digital Product Strategy

Our project approach by means of 
10 major changes

  • Consideration of future corporate strategy, corporate objectives and major USPs
  • Definition of the role of digitisation within the strategy
  • Record existing product portfolio and define required digital products, services and functionalities to achieve objectives
  • Integration of AI into the strategy 

  • Determination of 3 alternative paths to achieve objectives

  • Definition of 10 major changes within the organisation, IT, service, production and operations caused by the evolution of the product portfolio

  • Manage change process
  • Fail fast through MVPs and tests
  • Manage project of integration with internal teams and partners

Our project experience

Starting point for the development of the digital products and services strategy

  • No existing product management roles, only indiviudal solution sales
  • Scaling effects required to achieve planned growth but difficulties due to customized sales approach
  • Very manual setup and servicing of customers 
  • Barely any self services available

Alignment of strategic implementation directions: : One Platform, Global Expansion, Converge Products, Expand Value Chain by Data Services, Increase Operational Excellence

Close alginment with sales and customer service specifically in concept phase

Conceptual design of automated signup processes, self service areas, and integration into required systems 

Combination of products into bundles

Booking of additional services by customers without manual intervention

Integration of AI especially in Customer Service Area

Training concept for sales

Ennasus Digitalisierung Strategie Softwareentwicklung Beratung Consulting

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