Digital Transformation

Our project approach resulting in top 10 implementation steps

  • Analysis of the existing ecosystem
  • Compare existing system landscape with corporate strategy and USPs
  • Identification of necessary top 10 steps towards achievement of corporate objectives
  • Integration of make or buy decisions
  • Creation of implementation concept
  • Integration of Big Data and AI into overall concept
  • Project to implement the prioritized steps with internal teams and partners
Ennasus Beratung Digitale Transformation

Our project experience

Starting point for the development of the digital transformation strategy:

  • More than 50 global entities
  • Isolated IT-structures set up of core business, newly founded entities, entities led by their original founders and carve-outs of global players
  • Disconneted systems
  • Growth of entities
  • Overlapping functionalities and systems
  • Highly dynamic market with little differentiation towards competitors

Definition of strategic implementation directions: One Platform, Global Expansion, Converge Products, Expand Value Chain by Data Services, Increase Operational Excellence

Selection of technically best suitable systems to implement strategy

Identification of most labor-consuming processes and bottlenecks

Definition of integrated core architecture and IT strategy

Integration of major USPs regarding Big Data and AI into architectural concept

Prioritisation of implementation steps

  • Quick results in integrated architecture on the core platform
  • Collaboration with external partners in countries to achieve faster local implementation results
  • Development of new systems if legacy systems could not meet the requirements of the future even upon refactoring
  • Use of the data protection by design and data security by design approach
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