We have broad industry know-how. From banking and insurances to intellectual property rights and production and logistics  we take care that any exports and KPI respots deliver the information you require for your management decisions. We take care that system migrations are based onthe right set of data. And we take care that systems interact such way that seamless integration becomes reality.

We manage the conceptual design and implementation with the most important ingredient in IT: the deep understanding of business and processes.

Datenbank Programmierung PL/SQL Oracle Datawarehouse DWH ETL PDI C++ Java

Our core development areas

  • Database engineering with PL/SQL (Oracle)
  • Datawarehouse ETL processes with PDI, Oracle
  • Software implementation with C++, Java 

Project experience intellectual property industry

  • PL/SQL-Interface implementationSchnittstellenprogrammierung 
  • Migration of invoices, credits and payments from Oracle Financials to SAP FI
  • Synchronisation of SAP/CRM address- and contract data into an Oracle based system to calculate disbursements on basis of XML files
  • Write technical documentation for data migration and data synchronisation
  • Performance-Tuning of SQL statements and PL/SQL code using Execution Plans and reports through Oracle System-Views

Project experience banking industry

  • Development of SQL queries for reports and creation of several formats
  • Performance-Tuning of SQL statements using Execution-Plans
  • Table design and -creation as well as administration of a DWH staging schema under Oracle Exadata 
  • Implementation of ETL processes to insert/update the DWH staging schema from production Oracle-, MySQL- and PostgreSQL databases  and Excel-sheets with Oracle PL/SQL and PDI (Pentaho Data Integration) 
  • Table design, -creation and administration of a DWH-schema under Oracle Exadata with  (Slowly changing) Dimensions- and Fact tables following the star-/snowflake principle
  • Implementation of (daily) insert/update routines of the DWH dimensions- and fact tables with Oracle PL/SQL and PDI
  • Installation and upgrade of BI-tool MicroStrategy on Linux servers
  • Automated configuration of Linux servers with Puppet
  • Creation of release packages with RPM Package Manager and automated installation with Puppet

Project experience insurance industry

  • Oracle database upgrade for a huge insurance IT system, configuration of Oracle WebLogic / Forms / Reports servers
  • Converting and adapting Oracle Forms/Reports applications
  • Execute tests of batch runs, analysis of differences in results and implementation of necessary code changes
  • Porting of a printing system calling an Oracle Reports server
  • Fixing of performance problems through tuning measures

Project experience production and logistics industry

  • Operative logistics planning through algorithms:
    Definition, implementation, testing and deployment of PL/SQL packages and procedures. Special requirements: Optimal performance with many underlying restrictions and huge dataset requirements in complex data model
  • Provision of locations with sufficient inventory and distribution of delivery orders across locations:
    Definition, implementation of a C++ application, change from interface to direct database access, test and deployment. Special requirements: Defined maximum timeframe, mass data  (more than 1 mn records), high availability
  • Calculation of daily order dispatching
    Definition and implementierung of interfaces and configuration files
  • KPI reports, statistics and data analyses of mass data. Architectural design, implementation and test of PL/SQL scripts

Here's to good collaboration

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